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Please use Netscape 1.1+ with images enabled. Only seven months after their major-label release American Standard, Seven Mary Three has achieved platinum status (1,000,000). This prodigous accomplishment can be attributed to the success of their single "Cumbersome," topping the playlists and snagging Billboard magazine's Album Rock Tracks. Formerly based in Virginia, these Orlando rockers really know how to make their fans happy:

"We've worked really hard, and all of our energy has gone into the band. It's not like all of this was easy. But when you go out and see kids wearing your t-shirts and singing your songs right back to you while you're onstage -- it makes everything worthwhile."

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It's here. Rock Crown out Tuesday, June 3.
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Curious about what the guys are singing? Lyrics and sound clips for American Standard are available. Jam along with the guys with some guitar tabs. Seven Mary Three released their Cumbersome CD single on January 9, 1996. See a video clip, listen to them jam, and read what others have to say!
Think they're great on CD? They ROCK on stage! Check out the concert scrapbook and live recordings.  [NEW] 7M3 is Back On TOUR!
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7M3 Live at Irving Plaza
, New York -- a retrospective view.
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  • See where they are this week on The Hitsworld Internet Top 30, Billboard 100 Top Albums and Radio and Soundscan Retail Charts. Both their album American Standard and single "Cumbersome" have been hot on the charts!

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