Seven Mary Three

"How would you describe your song Cumbersome?"
"I think it was really just one of those 25 cent words that I can never spell in high school. But actually, Cumbersome is a basic anomaly song for us -- it's just one of those definitely forlorn -- really naive love songs... stuff really didn't work out. It was written in a time of serious agitation, I guess...."

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  • How would you .com> describe the song Cumbersome?

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    cumbersome (LP version)
    cumbersome (acoustic version)

    Watch for WATER'S EDGE, the next single.

    Some of your neat responses....
    For me, "Cumbersome" is very motavational. I sing right along to the song, because it seems to fit my life so well. "She's wanting me less and I'm wanting her more" can apply to any relationship gone bad. I sing that, I feel that... and it helps to sooth my feelings. Seven Mary Three just rules. I must see them live!

    Kevin Michaelson
    The lyrics to song should simply be placed in an encyclopedia under "life before the turn of the 21st century"! I think it really describes the state of affairs in today's society, a lot better than Clinton's view of a young person's life today. In other words the song defines the social ills of today and our bad tendencies, and the deep hole that we are in. However, I think that now that we have defined these problems, we need solutions, because the hole will only get deeper and deeper without a conscious effort to change our social wrongs and replace them with solutions that can make things right once again. I could be totally wrong about the song as well, but I thought that this was a good chance to express my views.

    Jeni Humphrey (
    A bunch of my friends and I use a phrase, from what I understand, is spelled "Cu' Ge' Suuu'"... (like a slurred version of Come get some) and when I first heard Cumbersome, I thought for sure that's what he was saying. Heh, anyways, I now have the tab versions of the song (THANKS!) so my band is starting to get that song down. Unfortunately I don't have the CD yet, but I will in about 3 hours.

    Lance Riswold & friends [Greenwood, Nova Scotia, Canada]
    This is a truly incredible band; we (me and my roomate) first heard the final minute of Cumbersome on an awesome radio station here called c98 and then listened in the car sitting in the driveway for 10 minutes longer just to find out who it was. After discovering this, I rushed out to buy it (being the impulsive music junky that I am). After getting this gem I instantly loved it and proceeded to push it on all my friends (as per usual) and of course they all love it, but I'm not sure it's true love or from constant overplaying.

    P. Gulka
    I like the song. It is very catchy and has a lot of depth. It is about a guy who has a complicated life and realizes it. This is always the first step to resolving a problem.
    Joe Meszaros
    It kicks serious ASS!!!! Yea, Yea, cool.
    Huh, Huh, shut up Beavis!
    Lindsay Woods
    This song rocks. It totally has feeling and makes you want to just head bang and get wild. The louder the better!!

    Punch In Punch Out
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