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Articles about 7Mary3:
2/96 Guitar School, 3/96 Guitar World, 3/96 Hit Parader (Shooting Stars), 4/96 Spin, 4 or 5/96 Guitar School ("Cumbersome" transcription), 7/96 Hit Parader (article), 7/96 Hit Parader (Hit or Miss-by the way, the album was a HIT), and 8/96 Guitar School (seven whole pages of an interview w/ the Jasons!)
  • Inside View back in time with Jeff Taggart  [NEW]
  • On the Edge 6/16/96
  • Backstage Pass iGuide 7M3's Jason Ross One On One With Lisa Robinson.
  • 7M3 Mellows Out Cavalier Daily, University of Virginia
  • Scene Magazine cover story
  • News-Times Music Article
  • Rolling Stone: Cumbersome Combo
  • Newspaper Compilation Los Angeles Daily News, Chapel Hill Herald, Buffalo News, The Toronto Star, Billboard Review, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, South China Daily Post (contributed by Scott Clemmons)
  • Kerrang "blurb" (graphical)
  • Los Angeles Times 2/2/96

  • BMG Music Review
  • Guitar School 2/96
  • All Music Guide's description of the band.
  • Atlantic Records announcement of New Year's Eve performance
  • Music News of the World article
  • Seven Mary Three at The Belly Up
  • Seven Mary Three to play at Varsity

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