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Beth Perry
I've seen 7M3 twice at the Tremont Music Hall(great place!) in Charlotte, NC. The first time was Dec. 14th, '95 and July 24th, '96. I will never forget the first time I saw them! I have written Jason Ross a letter every month since then and I've gotten two responses from him. One included an autographed pick. I have to say, they have a great attitude towards their fans, they definately know who got them where they are!

Jared Adams
For seeing Seven Mary Three only one time in the intimate setting of the Granada in Lawrence Kansas, they made quite an impression on me and my drummer for my own band who were in attendence. Simple and in your face kick-ass rock-n-roll is what they do and are damn good at it too. On their "slow, tender ballad," Lame, they couldn't even hold back.

After that show our own original band, which is seeing some regional recognition and good airplay, changed forever. We used to claim to be a folk-rock band...but lately the folk in us is just dwindling away. We close about every rehearsel with "Cumbersome" or "Water's Edge." Thanks 7M3 for changing my musical outlook forever.

Jeff Meredith
I've had American Standard since January, but finally got the chance to see the band on July 19, 1996. At first, I was skeptical, thinking that Ross and co. might be a studio band like Sponge (who really disappointed me). However, Ross and co. are a live band -- perhaps even better live than on the album. Ross' voice is very easy to hear -- it transcends any guitar, and I love his shrieks ("she doesn't think a thing, OF ME!"). Pollock is not the greatest guitarist, but he gets the job done. The same goes for Daniel and Giti. They are stellar performers who will hopefully reach the next level. Another thing about the band which I like is their fan friendly nature. They played a lot of new material after the break (after "Favorite Dog" at every show? It seems like it from reading the reviews), and asked us for our input. We liked the new stuff, and the Crow song sounds ok to me. An up-and-coming group to be sure.

Thomas Sundstrom
I just wanted to remind everyone out there not to judge a band by their videos, because that's what I did with Seven Mary Three. I used to turn the channel whenever I saw a Seven Mary Three video, I never really listened to them until I saw them live at Larry Croce's The Mountain Stage, a weekly live radio broadcast of kewl bands tranzmitted live from Charleston, West Virginia. I never really listened to any of their stuff until then, but now I think they are pretty kewl.
Kamp Kome at Shoreline Ampitheatre August 1, 1996
I do concert security at this venue, and from reliable people I was told that 7M3 rocked. I really wish I could have heard them, but after they went off stage we had a serious problem with the lawn. At this event the radio station that was producing the show decided to have a Snowboard Ramp set-up on the lawn area. After 7M3 went off the crowd decided to crash the snowboard ramp and throw ice at everyone. Anyways, if you can tell any member of the band, let them know that they rocked and that I hope they come back and play Shoreline in the near future.

Jim Reid
I was just checking out your 7M3 homepage. Pretty cool. The band has an official homepage starting at It's up now, but you can't do much there. It officially opens September 13th. I'm pretty good friends with Casey, the bass player. I live Orlando, and he used to come over to my house and go water skiing all the time when we were in high school. It's kind of cool hearing them on the radio after watching them start out.

Julie Byrd
I saw 7 mary 3 in St. Louis in Nov. 95, Feb. 96, and May 96. They are so intense. I can seriously say that I've listened to J. Ross's voice everyday since I bought the album in Dec. Every song has such a great story. My favorite has to be Headstrong. I want to know who it is about. They are so friendly and humble. I got their autograph twice, and I told Jason Ross that I believed in them-- maybe silly but so true. I graduated from college in 95 too and they are definitely the best I've heard in a long time. I hope to see them in St. Louis soon. I have a sticker on my car.

Pat Ligman
Hey, I went to a 7mary3 concert here in Utah at Saltair. It was so intense; we had the times of our lives. We even shook their hands after the encore, they were great! They played the dorrs 5 to 1 for a encore, we loved it...

Rutilio Garcia
i just want to say that "American Standard" has to be the best album to come out in a long long time. its not just another 1 or 2 good song album; every song is great. ... i'm writing out of west point, GA and i have my whole school listening to you guys! ... everybody said, "wouldn't it be awesome if 7 mary 3 would come." i play bass, and every time i jam with our band we have to run through all the 7 mary 3 stuff we know because its so awesome. and i would like to thank the writer of the unofficial home page for giving the tabs so we could jam to your awesome songs.

J. R. Reed
GREAT JOB on the mailing list. I certainly appreciate the latest info on one of my favorite bands. I can only hope they make their way back to Kentucky, preferably the Brewery in Louisville, where they did a sold out show earlier this year, or the Palace Theatre, also here in Louisville.
J.R. - Louisville, KY

Brian Suggs
Last Saturday I saw 7M3 at the Palace in Hollywood, it is the second time that I've seen them this year( Galaxy, Santa Ana, Ca.) As usual it was incredible!!!!! Of the 100's of bands that I've seen, they definatly are the best live, even better than the cd!

Jim Knaseum
Fine work on the page -- well done. I am a W&M grad '93 but only hung w/ Giti in school. Pre-7M3, Giti would make appearances with one of the better bands in the area, Random Idiots. Once he did a swan dive into Lake Matoaka with a snare and tried to keep drumming to the tune of the Idiots' "Dr, Seuss" while treading water. The video of that show is circulating somewhere, I think [Random Idiot singer] Whitdog's got it. Anyway, keep the page going strong.

"There is a balance between two worlds, one with an arrow and a cross..."

I believe that this is true, but it is one of the most difficult problems to satisfy. Some day our lives may become less "Cumbersome." Until that day arrives it's just "punch in punch out, go to work and come back home." Live well and go to 7M3 concerts... there is nothing compairable to the real thing.

Scott Ottesen
It's great to know that are so many people as into 7M3 as me. They are an incredible band. Jason Pollack is pretty decent for someone who has only been playing for a couple of years. I'm from Connecticut and i've seen them twice. The first was the best show... But anyways, they are a great band and I hope they don't die out. By the way I can't find Churn anywhere. If you know where to find it let me know.

Jason Leonard
I noticed something at work the other day. On one of the toilets, the brand name of the wall urinal was "American Standard." When I saw that I almost pissed on my hand. Could there be some relation to toilets and american standards. Hmm...american standards all seem to go to shit and go down the toilet. What was the reason for naming it "American Standard?" Thanks.

Paolo Zanatta (Italy)
I have never listened to a CD like "American Standard" before. Every day it gives me new emotions. Thanks for existing.

How the hell are ya? anyway I thin you guys kick ass ever since I saw you at Irving plaza. It blew me away that you signed autographs for 1/2 an hour.

Nick Brunck
Dear Victor,
Yes, I am a relative moron on the internet. Anyway, I need to know the BMG number for American Standard. If you could e-mail it to me I would greatly appreciate it.

Craig Dick
Yes, NZ certainly is New Zealand. 7 Mary 3's CD just appeared in stores here a few weeks ago so I brought it not really knowing what to expect and I love it. I have downloaded some of the guitar tab from various web sites and play along. Knowing how the band got there name though I think takes them to legendary status, after all CHiPs was such a cool program. I'm looking forward to being part of the group.

Bill Johnson
I was in the bathroom here at school one day and noticed that "American Standard" was stamped on it. Just wondering if that was the inspiration behind 7m3 2nd album, but have recently visited your web site and been told otherwise. Didn't think they named their album after a toilet company. Keep up the good work...

Your home page and 7Mary3 pages are awesome. It must have taken you a long time to make those. You are a true master of html. I have the first 7M3 CD before they were signed, called Churn. It is better even then American Standard. I happen to know 2 members of the band. I can't believe that Counting Crows is on the list of infrequently listened to cd's. It is one hell of a musical composition. I recommend giving it another listen to. You should get more rem cd's too especially Reckoning and Life's Rich Pageant. How do you make your web pages, with what program? Write back and keep up the good work!

Jason Hajdik
Hey...I suppose you are in Houston if you went to the Numbers show, I was also at that show, and it ROCKED! Where were you standing during the show? Anyway, your page is very well done and if you don't mind, I'm definitely going to link it from mine, as I have a large section of music links. Heh...I wish I would have gotten to shake hands with the band, but I had planned to speed home right after it was over...though that didn't go exactly as planned as I had locked my keys in my car. An hour and a few cool incidents later, I made it home. Well, later... --Jason

Brian Wilson
I went to the 7Mary3 Cleveland show with my friends on Friday March 1st not really knowing what to expect. I had purchased the CD about a week previous to the show but only really listened to CUMBERSOME and WATER'S EDGE unfortunatly. Well, Poe opened up for them and they were excellent! Then 7M3 came out! They opened with Water's Edge and then played My My. I can't remember the rest of the set list but I know that they played all of American Standard. They sounded great and had a lot of fan interaction. During the encore they played Black Wing and ended with Fortunate Son by CCR, and it was awesome! Before the show I bought the t-shirt with 7M3 on the front. After the show I was VERY surprised to see them come out and sit on the edge of the stage and just hang out with the fans and B.S. I had them all sign my shirt. My friend had caught one of Giti's drumsticks when he threw it out after the show. I took the stick to Giti and he signed it, and gave me one to match! He was a great guy and we talked for like 10 minutes! Jason Ross was real cool too and he gave me the 7M3 hat that they and the crew had. We all had a tremendous time at the show, and I have not been alble to stop listening to the CD since! I can't wait till they come back!

Mark Stork Autographs
Nice page!! 7M3 is awesome and is starting to rule the airwaves in Detroit. I've got the CD soon as I heard Cumbersome. I am into music and love to try and find a diamond in the rough when it comes to new bands. Well, amongst my group I had the 7M3 cd first -- listened to it once and proclaimed myself champion of the month in new bands. This cd should receive rave reviews. "Cover to cover," it's one the best first albums I've heard since CC's August album. But this one blows that one away. They were absolutely rockin' on the Tonight show. Great sound for a new band new to TV -- I know it's not their first gig on TV. But did you ever see, or I should say, hear some of the so-called "great" new bands in their TV debuts . . . [but I] was quite impressed with 7m3 . . . [they] have got to have some awesome sound man -- maybe the others should take a clue from them. --Mark

Bob Russell
Hey, nice work on the 7M3 page. I went to W&M with the 2 Jasons and Giti, so I've followed the band since they were Grandma Dynamite. Giti was my roommate's lab partner and worked at the Williamsburg Bikesmith with one of my fraternity brothers, so I got to know him pretty well. I saw the most recent 9:30 Club show in D.C.; particularly enjoyed "Punch In, Punch Out," though the whole show was outstanding. Keep up the good work.

Josh Drew Band picture
Good music is pretty much everywhere. Finding it is a different story. I love all types of music and have just recently been informed that 7M3 is a band worth looking in to. I thought I might look it up here, on the internet to see what they had to offer. I found some lyrics and other insight from the band and have decided I'll go buy the disc tonight. Thanks for the info. It helped a lot. -- Josh

I liked the CD a lot. They rank up there with Candlebox and Live. I'm a fan of all music, but a pretty picky fan. They are under control unlike a lot of the new bands now-a-days. On their next album I hope they don't flop a bad a Candlebox did. I absolutely love their first album, but the second one didn't do diddely for me. We'll just have to wait and see. Thanks for the response. Let me know of any other CD's worth picking up. Here's to good ROCK. -- Josh

Lance Riswold
Thanks for the info on 7M3. I think I'll go to the show in Toronto -- it's only a day's drive from where I am and I have lots of friends there who have been bugging me to come for a visit. And now, I have an excuse to go: a damm good one. In the song
Margaret, he said he's 20,000 days older than her. That's 54 years older which makes him 70, which makes the statement "can't find a state we're legal in!" truly profound!

J. Eric Morris
You have a most excellent home page for seven mary three, my friend. I have been able to see them twice in Orlando (their unofficial, official home). I love their sound.

I am from West Virginia, originally...and to me, the sound they have is very hard-edged appalachain rock. I have seen several bands in concert, including Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots, yet I do believe these guys give the best live performance of any band I have ever seen. I went to see them with Matthew Sweet and the Toadies....I left after Seven Mary Three finished because I knew that the other two bands could not possibly compare.

My most prized possession is a CD that my fiance bought for my birthday when 7M3 was having a signing party at Best Buy in Altamonte Springs, Florida. All of them signed the cover with birthday greetings. It is the best gift that anybody has ever given me. I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your page! Keep it up!

Seven Mary Three rocks! Its really cool to see a band that was forming when I was a freshman at W&M. I've followed them (remembering the free shows) avidly since they were Grandma Dynamite and we had them play at a party.

Kevin Corrie
I know that they use to be a band in Florida, before they went to W&M called "grandma dynamite" and had a huge following, but a different bass player. Casey Daniels is the newest member to the band -- but his style of rocking proves his place. Justified. Ross is/was an English Major at W&M, I am not sure about -- but I was an Eng. Major at UVA so he I got along super. I designed some buisness cards and flyers for their then manager, now tour manager, did some faxing of show dates when they were in VA Bch, called some radio stations, Mike Moran's his name -- and he was a sigma nu from south florida and I was one at Virginia... so the world is definitely a small place.

You know the name comes from Chips, the TV show right? the way i got to know them, I was managing a band called 320 Sycamore, here in Virginia Beach, and we got a gig with them playing at a club called "Mitty's" in Newport News on a Thursday night with another band that I can't remember...anyway...Their manager came up to me asked me a couple of questions, said he liked our band, and bam, next week we were hanging out in Williamsburg -- too bad 320 split.

Karen Mueller
Two or three of them went to my school, the College of William and Mary (in Williamsburg, VA). The lead singer, Jason Ross, graduated in '95 with me. The lead guitarist, Jason Pollack, I think graduated the year before. I don't know about the drummer, but I know the bass guitarist, Casey, didn't go to W&M but lived in Williamsburg. Jason R. and maybe another band member is from Florida -- the band has done a lot of touring down there, and I think a year ago, when they were still unknown, they played a gig at the Hard Rock down there in Orlando. They had a seriously cool gig two summers ago when they won the Battle of the Bands contest in Hampton/VA Beach and opened up for none other than +Live+!

The two Jasons were both in a fraternity at W&M, Sigma Chi. The band played around campus a lot, like at happy hours and fraternity parties. They used to be called Grandma Dynamite up to maybe 2-3 years ago.

Laurie Edinger
Great page dedicated to some awesome bands (though I'll appreciate it even more when i finally get Netscape)! I just saw 7M3 in Hollywood last night -- what a great show! The guys were really cool, and we got to meet them after the show. Anyway, I'm a HUGE +Live+ fan (I'm originally from Reading, PA) and a big Toad fan as well -- I can't wait until 99% Acoustic is ready! Oh, going to see 7M3 again tomorrow night -- maybe I'll get to talk to them some more. Anyway, just wanted to let you know your page is cool. Take care...

Bradley Balesky
They rock, they are the best new band out. Cumbersome is a great song, but it's not the only song. Water's Edge is also very good, the album is full of good songs. I'm glad to be seeing new bands with talent, not just three guys play a bunch of stuff that sounds the same.

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