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the band
- June 3, 1997
Rock Crown is here. Check out my new site for every about Rock Crown!

- April 2, 1997
It's official. Rock Crown will be out Tuesday, June 3. Be sure to sign up on the fanclub for a special perk when the album comes out!

- Friday, September 13, 1996
Seven Mary Three opens Spock Jenkins High School, their new homesite!

- Memorial Day, 1996
The tune Black Wing for the Surfrider Foundation's MOM CD is due out Memorial Day. The Surfrider Foundation is an environmental group mainly comprised of surfers.

- Summer 1996
Seven Mary Three is on tour. Check out the latest tour dates...

- mid March
American Standard has gone PLATINUM! - more than 1,000,000 copies sold! Congratulations! Read more about them in Spin (April '96), Rolling Stone (April '96), and Seventeen (April '96). They also recently appeared on the Howard Stern show. Seven Mary Three should be back into the studio early next year, after their more extensive summer tour.

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the homepage
- June 3, 1997
Rock Crown is here, and so is the site for it. Check out Rock Crown!

- April 29, 1997
I now have a clip of Seven Mary Three's single Rock Crown on the web. I also added a guestbook: [ Comment about the song or write the band! || View the messages ]

- April 2, 1997
Unfortunately, I haven't been able update the pages as much as I'd like. This will chanage this summer!

- August 19, 1996
Lots of deserved additions! Lyrics for Black Wing and Shelf Life have been added, as well as an article list. Cumbersome's guitar tab has been added to. Check out the new Q&A's in ask the band. More entries to the summer tour have been added to the concert scrapbook, as well as the fan feedback. And finally, congrats to Beth Perry for having her letter printed in the October issue of Guitar World!

- July 16, 1996
Minor updates and additions... an article, scrapbook entry, and fan feedback.
- May 28, 1996
Long awaited page updates... with concert reviews of summer shows, and many new articles. I also added to the live recordings and fan feeback pages.
- April 23, 1996
Added the Orlando secret gig review concert scrapbook. Also updated: guitar tabs.
- April 7, 1996
Major additions to the concert scrapbook. Updated the site with more articles, fan feedback, questions, and tour dates.
- March 24, 1996
Inserted some links to Atlantic's 7M3 concert site, updated the live recordings page, fan page, and a little more.

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a picture of us
The guys and me! Check out the concert scrapbook. The show in one word: incredible

Punch In Punch Out
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