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  • The band apologizes for problems in Cincinnatti.

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    Numbers, Houston, TX - 1/23/96
    • Page 1 One Hell of a Show! Victor Yiu
    • Page 2 Where's My Keys? Jason Hajdik
    • Page 3 Me and the Band! Victor Yiu
    Other Spring '96 Shows
    • Page 4 Acoustic and More
      (Mobile; New Haven, CT; Ohio State)
    • Page 5 Blinding flashes Jill Piesco
      (Pittsburg, PA, 3/7/96)
    • Page 6 The Four Hour Roadtrip Chris Anderson, Adam Querker, J. R. Reed (Luisville, KY)
    • Page 7 Spock Jenkins Secret Gig (Orlando, FL 4/8/96)
    Summer Tour
    • Page 8 A Riot of a Show Scott Clemmons (Cincinnati, OH 5/11/96)
    • Page 9 Still Down to Earth Lamont Larsen (Dallas, TX 5/17/96)
    • Page 10 Festival Gregory Urbaniak (Tinley Park, IL 5/26/96)
    • Page 11 Doors Cover Jason Leonard (New Orleans, LA 6/2/96)
    • Page 12 Vocal Energy Jeff Meredith (New York, NY 7/19/96)
    • Page 13 Riotous Time Sans Riot (Cincinnati, OH 7/30/96)
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    For even more stuff, check out Paul's concert page.

    Live at Irving Plaza
    Live at Irving Plaza, New York. Atlantic's site with cool concert pictures and more! live picture icons

    Known Live Recordings

    Punch In Punch Out
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